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Welcome to IsleKnit

Thank you very much for visiting my site, I just want to introduce you to IsleKnit and the inspiration behind it.

The business started off in 2016 as the Kirkibost Craft Hub, the shop was a good resource for local knitters and crafters, and the tourist season saw the knitwear as a popular purchase among the visitors to the island.

The knitwear aspect of the shop soon grew and is what drove me to develop the business, both in size and in creativity to where I am today. The Covid outbreak and becoming a Mum for the first time this year led me to completely change my outlook on the business and therefore I decided to move the business online. The period during lockdown was such a strange time, however, I took great comfort in my knitting and designing. This really became my inspiration to develop the IsleKnit Kits, to share the experience, but also the joy of creating a garment. It is such an achievement, you feel such a sense of pride and I think this is something that people need during this strange time. 'IsleKnit' being the new name - 'I'll Knit' being the principle and sentiment.

The ever changing scenery of the islands constantly inspires me to develop new patterns and kits. My Fair Isle knitters equivalent of a sketch book (a graph paper note book) is always with me to note down my ideas that come to me while out on the beach, walking on the moor or even just a walk along the road. My camera is always in my pocket to capture ideas for colour combinations.

This is a photograph I took last Summer at Balranald bird reserve. The colours of the machair flowers are so intense and beautiful, I still have not come up with a pattern that will do it justice, this will happen in time, as all creative projects do.

These are the ideas I am developing and constantly creating so I can share them with you all. More kits and patterns will be posted on the website in the coming weeks and in the New Year. As well as the kits there will be other exciting new products that will give you the knitting bug!


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